Great Coasters and OCT Partner for Major Woody!February 16, 2010

Great Coasters International, Inc. has been chosen to design/build a 4,817 ft (1,468 m) wood coaster for China OCT's Knight Valley. This behemoth will be GCI's largest single track coaster yet and will feature a 147 ft (44.8 m) lift and a wild 131 ft (40 m) triple-down first drop. Beginning the ride with a castle fly-through, the ride also has an exciting station fly-through (often a GCI signature), a station fly-by, and 80 degrees of banking. All of this is experienced while riding two Millennium Flyer trains, which are now the gold standard for wood coaster trains.

This amazing ride will open late this year, and GCI Coasters continue their reign as the biggest bargain in the business.

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