GCII Installation Comparison Chart
🔺 Ride Name 🔻🔺 Height 🔻🔺 First Drop 🔻🔺Top Speed 🔻🔺 Track Length 🔻
Texas Stingray96.0 ft29.3 m100.0 ft30.5 m55.0 mph88.5 km/h3,379 ft1,030 m
Wicker Man72.1 ft22.0 m72.1 ft22.0 m43.6 mph70.2 km/h2,609 ft795 m
InvadR74.0 ft22.6 m74.0 ft22.6 m48.0 mph77.2 km/h2,118 ft646 m
Mystic Timbers109.2 ft33.3 m96.8 ft29.5 m53.0 mph85.3 km/h3,265 ft995 m
Wood Coaster111.1 ft33.9 m111.4 ft34.0 m56.2 mph90.4 km/h3,345 ft1,020 m
Wood Coaster115.0 ft35.1 m98.9 ft30.1 m56.6 mph91.1 km/h3,941 ft1,201 m
Heidi: The Ride72.2 ft22.0 m67.2 ft20.5 m44.3 mph71.3 km/h2,056 ft627 m
The Viper 竹叶青160.0 ft48.8 m142.5 ft43.4 m62.1 mph99.9 km/h5,111 ft1,558 m
Gold Striker103.3 ft31.5 m103.3 ft31.5 m53.7 mph86.4 km/h3,197 ft974 m
White Lightning69.7 ft21.2 m67.2 ft20.5 m44.3 mph71.3 km/h2,032 ft619 m
Wodan Timburcoaster123.3 ft37.6 m123.3 ft37.6 m58.4 mph94.0 km/h3,171 ft967 m
Mountain Flyer 飞跃巅峰147.0 ft44.8 m131.2 ft40.0 m61.2 mph98.5 km/h4,817 ft1,468 m
Joris en de Draak72.4 ft22.1 m72.4 ft22.1 m46.6 mph75.0 km/h2,585 ft788 m
Apocalypse the Ride95.0 ft29.0 m87.3 ft26.6 m50.1 mph80.6 km/h2,877 ft877 m
El Toro80.5 ft24.5 m70.7 ft21.5 m45.6 mph73.4 km/h2,379 ft725 m
Prowler102.3 ft31.2 m84.9 ft25.9 m51.2 mph82.4 km/h3,074 ft937 m
American Thunder82.0 ft25.0 m80.0 ft24.4 m48.0 mph77.2 km/h2,713 ft827 m
Renegade97.5 ft29.7 m91.4 ft27.9 m51.3 mph82.6 km/h3,113 ft949 m
Troy104.5 ft31.9 m100.7 ft30.7 m54.0 mph86.9 km/h3,534 ft1,077 m
Kentucky Rumbler96.0 ft29.3 m80.2 ft24.4 m47.3 mph76.1 km/h2,827 ft862 m
Thunderbird82.0 ft25.0 m80.0 ft24.4 m48.0 mph77.2 km/h2,713 ft827 m
Thunderhead100.4 ft30.6 m100.4 ft30.6 m53.7 mph86.4 km/h3,230 ft985 m
Ozark Wildcat80.3 ft24.5 m73.3 ft22.3 m45.2 mph72.7 km/h2,613 ft796 m
Lightning Racer91.6 ft27.9 m90.0 ft27.4 m51.1 mph82.2 km/h3,393 ft1,034 m
Gwazi105.4 ft32.1 m91.8 ft28.0 m51.0 mph82.1 km/h3,508 ft1,069 m
Roar94.6 ft28.8 m85.0 ft25.9 m50.5 mph81.3 km/h3,468 ft1,057 m
Roar94.6 ft28.8 m85.0 ft25.9 m50.5 mph81.3 km/h3,291 ft1,003 m
Wildcat106.1 ft32.3 m85.2 ft26.0 m50.0 mph80.5 km/h3,183 ft970 m

Height measures the greatest elevation difference of track elevation.
One track represented for twin track rides.