Great Company
About Great CoastersGreat Coasters International, Inc. offers the smoothest, most twisted and highest quality wooden roller coaster attractions in the world. Our staff of engineers, project coordinators, and field construction supervisors has earned the reputation of being the most conscientious in the business. Our attention to detail makes the addition of a GCII wooden coaster a solid investment. It is an investment with a company that views itself as your partner, offering a lifetime of service and support after the attraction is open.

Although we are capable of designing and building any type of wooden coaster, Great Coasters International specializes in "twister" type rides. These convoluted designs, coupled with our own Millennium Flyer articulating coaster trains, create an experience that emulates the acrobatic thrills of a modern roller coaster while retaining the nostalgic look and feel of a timeless, classic attraction.

Though wildly popular with guests of all ages, the GCII coaster is also built with the operator in mind. The art and craftsmanship of constructing the track to exact specifications ensures a smooth ride for the guest and minimal maintenance for the operator. Our experience with over 50 coasters worldwide has also brought park owners to us for maintenance and repair work on existing coasters, both old and new. We will always welcome the opportunity to consult and work with your maintenance staff to keep your wooden coaster running in top condition.

A Great Coasters International customer is our greatest advertisement. Herschend Family Entertainment, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Hersheypark, Cedar Fair, and Six Flags are just a sample of the many clients our team has worked with. The design of a roller coaster can be as simple as an out-and-back, or as complex as a dueling, racing twister. Our team will help evaluate the market requirements for each situation and recommend a solid and cost efficient investment for your park.
Our HistoryMaybe you fondly remember your first ride on the rickety wooden roller coaster that you visited with your family on a hot Sunday many years ago.

Maybe you haven't yet experienced the exhilaration of a truly classic wooden ride, but are eager for your first taste of the unique thrill that only a wooden roller coaster can offer.

The unequalled sights, sounds and smells of the Classic Wooden Ride were not lost on GCII founders Clair Hain and Michael Boodley. With a combined 40 years of experience in the amusement park industry, and with the firm belief that wooden coasters would remain a staple attraction in every serious amusement facility, Hain and Boodley set out to create the new generation of wooden coasters.

It all began in 1994.

Since then, Great Coasters has installed more than 20 of these "new generation" wooden coasters, providing thrilling rides with minimal maintenance to some of the best parks in the country.

Though the company has gone through some changes - primarily with Boodley retiring from his engineering responsibilities and Jeff Pike taking the helm - the company's principles remain the same.

Today, we're proud to be reviving the wooden coaster and providing rides that are both desirable to the parks that own them and their guests. We hope that our rides can provide memories for today's park-goers that will last a lifetime.