Millennium Flyers
Millennium Flyer Coaster TrainsGreat Coasters International, Inc. is pleased to offer our exclusive Millennium Flyer articulating coaster trains, the ONLY trains that can negotiate the highly twisted track configurations of a GCII roller coaster.

Millennium Flyers are designed to provide a safe and comfortable journey for your guests as they experience every twist and turn of your GCII coaster.

Parts, service, and maintenance are available for Millennium Flyer coaster trains directly from GCII.
Make Your Existing Wooden Coaster FlyOur Millennium Flyer trains may be available for existing wooden roller coasters that meet Great Coasters' strict standards for track and structure condition, as well as acceptable dynamic profiles. We are available to assess these conditions and help you with any necessary improvements that may be required in order to make your coaster fly.

Please contact us for more information.