Great Service
Let Us Install Your Great CoasterThe Great Coasters design team prides itself in its knowledge of the roller coaster industry and what thrills riders. Our construction team possesses the unique skills required to perfectly shape a ride and create a structure that will require less maintenance than any other wooden coaster. The combination of the two is what makes both riders and operators love our product.

Great Coasters specializes in designing twisted wooden coasters with high-speed direction changes. We also enjoy adding unique elements to our rides, such as our popular station fly-throughs and station fly-bys, as well as compounding the thrills with dueling/racing coasters.

We're proud to customize each design to fit in your park perfectly. We optimize the use of the site and consider not only the on-ride experience, but the off-ride experience, as well.

Contact us today to begin discussing how our talented team can bring a classic wooden coaster to your park.
Turn a Good Coaster into a Great CoasterGreat Coasters International, Inc. is pleased to offer reconstruction and relocation services. Whether the task is as simple as retracking or as significant as reshaping and reconstructing entire portions of your wooden coaster, we can do it all. We guarantee that our repair work will leave your wooden coaster operating as good, if not better, than the day it opened.